Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How I style my Moto Spanx Leggings

Hands up if you follow me on socials media?
Well if you do, you will know that the key word of the moment both in my boutique and my personal style has been the Spanx Moto Leggings.
They are the hottest product on the market at the moment and everyone wants to get their hands on them because they are literally miracle workers. They hold you in in all of the right places and they look damn cool in the process.
With top bloggers such as Sinead from The Beautiful Truth and Laura from Lauras Views recently showing them and how they would style theirs, lots of you have been asking what to wear with yours or how I style mine so I thought I would show you my "go to" pieces to match them with on a day to day basis.
Im obsessed with the biker trend and always have been, I literally live in black and leather so the Moto style were right up my street and I generally style them in a cool contemporary way with a funky jacket, oversized knits and black boots.
As someone who has always been super conscious of their thighs, I never in a million years imagined that I would wear leggings (more so leather look leggings) with a short top, but the Spanx are so supportive and so comfortable that I literally feel I can wear any type of top with them and still feel confident and secure. They literally are the biggest game changer that I have come across since opening the boutique and my customers all over Ireland would most definitely agree.

The Spanx leggings are not available to buy on my online shop but they can be purchased by calling the boutique on 00353 (0) 749322584 or by contacting me on Facebook or Instagram to arrange payment via Paypal.
If you guys have purchased a pair yourselves, either from my boutique or elsewhere I would love to see how you styled them so be sure to tag me on your instagram pics @thesequincinderella 

I Was wearing:
Spanx Moto Leggings from Sequin Cinderella Boutique
Patent Jacket from Zara
Grey Knit Poloneck from H&M 
Over the Knee Boots from Penneys 

Nicola x

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Skin Care Series - Arbonne

Recently I have been sent a lot of different skin care ranges to try out and whilst I don't necessarily get the chance to try all of them for long enough to give an informed opinion, I did want to detail them for you guys and talk a bit about my thoughts on each range. So I have started up a "Skin Care Series" on the blog and to kick start it I am talking about a brand called Arbonne.
I had never even heard of this company until a lovely lady called Diane Divin contacted me to tell me she was selling it and offered to let me try some out.
I received the tester kit from Diane which contained all of the products pictured above and below as well as loads of info about the brand. I loved this idea as you really get the chance to try every product and see what you think before you commit to purchasing.
When reading about the brand I was delighted to see that they are all hypo-allergenic, vegan certified, free from parabens and chemicals and they are even gluten free which I didn't even know was possible in a cosmetic brand.
The range consists of a wide variety of products from moisturisers to eye creams and even includes foundations, primers, mascaras etc.
I loved the texture of the creams and I'm still using one of their mascaras every day as it has a fab brush to separate out the lashes. 
The foundation would be a light to medium coverage which was a little too light for me but I know the finish would be absolutely stunning for someone who likes a little less full coverage than I do.
I think the product that intrigued me the most was the little "Intelligence Genius Ultra" which essentially is like an iron for your skin. You put on your serum or moisturiser, turn this on and it heats up slightly (but not too hot). You gently rub it in circles on your skin and it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. I am definitely interested in giving this a longer test run to see what the results are but if you guys give it a go you will have to let me know. 
So whilst I only had a brief introduction to this range, I have to say I was very impressed and I know that any of you guys who are celiac or gluten intolerant will be pleased to hear that its completely safe for you to use. 
If you would like to give it a go yourself you can purchase on Dianes website or contact her directly on her Facebook page HERE

Nicola x

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Behind The Scenes

Last week I filmed a "Behind the Scenes at Sequin Cinderella Boutique" vlog and have just published it to my youtube channel so I thought I would share it here for you guys to watch it too.

I always get so many questions about running a boutique, how I set it up and what I do from day to day so this just gives you a brief insight into a day in the life of "Sequin Cinderella" and some of the tasks that I complete n a day to day basis.

I also included a little unboxing section which I know you all love! This one shows the arrival of my amazing new brand "Dancing Leopard as well as the famous Spanx leggings!

Check it out and let me know in the comments if you would like to see more videos like this one! Don't forget to like and subscribe!

Nicola x  

Friday, March 2, 2018

Snow Day

Storm Emma hit with a vengeance this week and brought with it the most beautiful blanket of snow. Whilst it was extremely annoying and inconvenient for anyone who had to travel in it or take time off work, for me I found it to be the perfect excuse to have some down time and try to switch off for a bit.
The boutique was closed today and I got the opportunity to do so many things that I never ever get the chance to do. I read a book, I wandered outside in the snow, I even jumped on the treadmill and did my first 5k (not relaxing at all but an achievement nonetheless)
Basically I had some me time and it couldn't have come on a better week.
Ive always been the type to throw myself into my work but since opening the boutique, I literally haven't stopped and I never switch off. In the evenings I am constantly doing something work related and it had really started to take its toll... Last week I was almost at burn out stage with sheer exhaustion and I think that was the first time that I really sat back and thought about making time for myself.
Turns out I didn't get the chance to but Mother Nature decided to do it for me.
I cannot express how refreshed I feel tonight, even though I haven't had any more sleep than normal and I have still done a lot of online work but just taking a few hours and thinking about something other than work, totally reset my mind and now I feel raring to get back to the boutique tomorrow, refreshed and ready to rock.

Whether you run a business, have a family, work too hard or whatever may be going on in your head, we all have to remember that our bodies and minds cannot run on empty. We can only push ourselves so far before something starts to give. I am most definitely not one to preach but I'm just very glad that this snowstorm forced me into taking a little time off before I pushed myself to the limit.

If you have had the luxury of getting a snow day then I hope you have enjoyed every second of it, taken some time to reset and maybe even built a snowman... or two!

Nicola x

Wearing: Rose Gold Coat from
Polo neck from H&M
Spanx Moto Leggings from Sequin Cinderella Boutique
Over The Knee Boots from Penneys  

Eye Makeup - LMD & bPerfect Masterpalette
Lipstick - Mac "Diva"