Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Inspired by "Sleek" Pink

Last week I attended the Sleek "i-Divine Palette" 10yr celebration and I was lucky enough to receive the most gorgeous goody bag filled with some of my fave Sleek products. There were also a few that I hadn't tried before including this gorgeous "Lip VIP" lipstick in the colour "Dream Decade".
I absolutely love the colour pink but sometimes I'm not brave enough to wear it on my lips. 
After falling in love with this one on the same day as I bought an unreal pair of pink boots in Topshop, I just had to give it a go!
I kept my outfit otherwise very simple opting for plain black with a long sleeve lace crop top from River Island, Leather look culottes from my Boutique and a fluffy gilet which I stole from my mums wardrobe. I love how the two splashes of pink really complimented each other and brightened up an otherwise plain look.
I actually felt as if I was dressed in "Sleek" packaging as their signature colour are pink and black just like my outfit.
I cannot wait to try out the rest of the products, including the i-divine palette which has the most beautiful colours. Keep an eye on the blog for the makeup looks that I create in the near future!

Lipstick - Sleek "Lip VIP - colour Dream Decade"
Pink Boots - Topshop
Black Lace Crop top - River Island
Leather Look Culottes - Sequin Cinderella Boutique
Fluffy Gilet - Stolen from my Mums wardrobe

Nicola x

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