Friday, September 15, 2017

Holiday Outfits - Amalfi Coast

At the beginning of August, my Family and I visited the Amalfi Coast and it was the most beautiful place with the most relaxing atmosphere! 
I absolutely love exploring new parts of the world that I have never been before and what better place to do it than in the Sorrento sunshine?
Below is a round up of some of the outfits that I wore whilst on holidays and details of where I picked them up!
Unfortunately here in Ireland the Summer has well and truly come to an end (if it even truly got started) but at least we can dream of next Summer... and its never too early to plan ahead is it?
Nicola x

Poncho - Antica Sartoia 
Sandals - River Island 

Jumpsuit - Topshop
Sandals - River Island
Handbag - Louis Vuitton
Bracelet - Juicy Couture

Top - Sequin Cinderella Boutique 
Culottes - Topshop
Sandals - River Island
Handbag - Antica Sartoria
Sunglasses - Prada 

Dress - Topshop
Handbag - Antica Sartoria
Sandals - River Island

Dress - Sequin Cinderella Boutique 
Sunglasses - Prada
Sandals - River Island
Watch - Guess 

Monday, September 11, 2017

Roaccutane Diary - The Final Installment

I can't believe I am actually freely sharing an unedited, unfiltered, no makeup picture on here but for the first time in my life, I am confident in my skin and I honestly have Roaccutane to thank for this.
I've been keeping this diary since I began my treatment in February 2017 and I cannot believe this is the final one. If you have followed my journey from the start then you will know that I am in no way promoting taking medication. Roaccutane is the very final straw in a long battle with acne and I honestly suggest that you explore every other option before you do get to this point. I also suggest that you talk in depth to your doctor/dermatologist and do your own research online before turning to Roaccutane as it is very severe and has different reactions in every patient.

This diary is to record my own experience, not to advise or encourage. I just wanted to give you an honest account of my own personal journey and whilst I am so happy with my end results, it wasn't the easiest journey (and I actually got away lightly in comparison to others). So in this final diary I will talk about all negative side effects, the end result and how I am feeling now (two months after finishing.)

Whilst my side effects were not in any way as bad as google would lead you to believe they would be, I definitely had some negative effects, some of which I only realised after I came off the medications and they disappeared. I will list them below and tell you a little about my experience.

This for me was a killer. I literally had a headache every second day, if not every day from about month 3 to month 6. This very nearly pushed me to stop taking the tablets. It was so hard to continue with work every day as normal. I felt drained and tired all of the time and was literally living on paracetamol which was obviously not good for my body.
Within a week of me finishing the roaccutane, they disappeared and thankfully I haven't had one since. I am glad I persevered but it was definitely tough going.

Dry lips, Dry skin, Dry Patches on your skin, Dry Hair, Dry Eyes... Yea I'm sure you get the picture lol! If you are on Roaccutane buy moisturiser and carmex by the bucket load!

Bad Moods
I didn't suffer too badly with this (although my boyfriend would argue differently, lol)
I definitely found myself a little sharper with my temper, but apart from that I didn't feel depressed or anything which was one of my main concerns before starting out.

Weight Gain 
So when you are on Roaccutane you must also be on the pill both to aid the results and to prevent pregnancy. Roaccutane is very dangerous to both the Mother and the unborn child. It cannot be prescribed without the pill whether sexually active or not as women need to be protected in all cases, particularly incase of a sexual attack. 
When I began the treatment I weighed 10 stone 7lbs which has been my average weight for most of my life, whereas at my worst on the tablets I weighed 11 stone 8. I am not sure if this was the pill, the Roaccutane or a combination of both, but literally as soon as I stopped both, the fluid retention and excess weight almost instantly disappeared. 

Whilst on the tablets I was permanently bloated, to the point where I almost looked pregnant. I tried everything - gluten free, dairy free, kinesiology etc. and whilst I still do have days were I feel quite bloated (I guess we all do) I have found that it has eased a lot since ending my treatment.

You are well warned not to expose your skin to the sunshine whilst on the medication and I would imagine for a month or so afterwards but I went on holidays to Italy just a few weeks after finishing and it probably wasn't my smartest idea.
I wore factor 50 on my face every day but it didn't seem to help. I never ever get freckles but whilst on hols, I noticed pigmentation (similar to freckles but not quite) appearing on my forehead - you can see it on the pic above. I definitely think this was connected to the close proximity of being on the Roaccutane and sun exposure. Its fading now as the weeks go on but just be warned to protect your skin in the sun... wear a hat to cover your face!

Follow On Treatment
I tried to do a bit of research on the best follow on treatments and I found lots of articles suggesting a month of a retinol cream. I DO NOT recommend this - Give your skin a break and let it settle back to normal first. You have put it through enough, trust me!
I tried retinol for a week and I felt like my face was burning... so I stopped it immediately.
Now I simply use my Bare Minerals Oil cleanser (which I have recommended on many occasions and I follow up with Bio Oil, using it as a moisturiser before bed. This has really helped to fade the pigmentation and any scarring that I had. I also use a light moisturiser from LaRoche Posay in the mornings before applying my makeup and that is it. For me, the more simple the routine, the better as I do not want to damage my skin or cause an acne flare up by applying chemical after chemical.
My skin feels better than ever now and I honestly thank these natural, basic products.

Apart from all of the above (which actually sounds like a lot when all written together but didn't feel it at the time) I am so happy that I made the decision to give Roaccutane a go. I feel more confident in my skin now than I have since I was a child.
Anyone that knows me would still say that they never ever thought I had bad skin... but I have worn heavy makeup since I was about 15 to cover it up and never ever left the house makeup free. I was so insecure in my skin and this has finally given me my confidence back.
As I said, this isn't for everyone and make sure you are fully knowledgeable before taking medication of any description!
If you have any questions at all then feel free to contact me on:
 Facebook -
Instagram - thesequincinderella
Snapchat - sequincinders
I might not know all of the answers but I will definitely be able to direct you to someone who does!
I hope you have found the diaries both informative and honest and I really hope they have been helpful to anyone considering Roaccutane.
If you haven't seen the previous diaries then you can find them by clicking the following links:
Month 1- Click Here
Month 2 - Click Here
Month 3 - Click Here
Months 4&5 - Click Here

Nicola x

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Benefit Cosmetics

I'd almost guess that most of my girls on here are already Bene-Babes (i.e. Benefit Addicts) like me, but for those who aren't... where have you been?
Benefit are killing it right now with every aspect of makeup and skin care and are always just a step ahead of the industry in terms of product, packaging and marketing.
I mean, when this parcel landed on my desk and I caught a glimpse of "Galifornia" - I honestly didn't even care what was inside because the packaging was so pretty and I knew I loved it already!
When I opened it up I was even more surprised to see the most stunning peach blush with a beautiful gold shimmer and I could not wait to use it, especially in the Summer sunshine.
I have been using the Benefit brow products for years and one of my all time favourites is the "Gimme Brow". It is the ideal product for giving shape and definition to your brows without an overly heavy or caked look. If I am going for a more subtle look, I will use this on its own, but if I am going for a heavier brow I will finish with this in order to define the hair strands and finish the look.
And finally the Goof Proof Brow Pencil is the perfect product to keep in your handbag. With your pencil on one end and your brush on the other, it is my go-to product for topping up your brows throughout the day or for a quick brow look on those busy mornings when rushing out the door.
This is the tiniest selection of the many wonderful Benefit products that I'm obsessed with at the minute and if you are anything like me then you will spend hours on the Benefit counter anytime you pass it by.
If you haven't got one near-by then check out their website - HERE where you can find their fab products and also a list of their stockists!
Nicola x

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Baby B Browne Tan

I remember trying BabyBBrowne tan a few years ago and falling in love with it! But as it was difficult to get in my area, I fell away from using it and started trying different tans.
It is only now that I have been sent another fab bottle, my love affair with the brand has been reignited.
The tan genuinely does not smell like biscuits, wet dogs, BO or any other gross association that we make with that horrid tan smell, it smells so so good. It also applies to your skin like a soothing moisturiser- hence its nickname as the moisturising tan. There is no struggle to make it look even or worries with streaks, just smooth application and a soft feel afterwards.
The tan is tinted so you have instant colour which I love as I am never organised enough to apply it the night before but it also gives a really even wear off - I don't scrub at all in the shower which I think is important and I also moisturise every night.
My skin has been super dry recently, particularly after being in the sun and I have had no difficulties with using BabyBBrowne at all. Sometimes certain tans, no matter how good thy are, will alway cling to dry spots but this one honestly didn't. I also found that it evened out my skin throughout the week and disguised any lines that I had developed from the sun.
It was my "go-to" tan on holidays to give myself a sun-kissed glow and I cannot recommend it enough!
You can purchase it here --->

*Whilst I was kindly sent the product, this isn't a sponsored post and is based on my own opinion and love of the brand.
Nicola x

Friday, July 28, 2017

Glam Glow at The Loop

I was delighted to be sent a little package of Glamglow products thanks to The Loop at Dublin & Cork airport recently as I had always wanted to try it but had never got around to picking it up myself.
I got the SuperMud Clearing Treatment and the PoutMud wet lip balm and I could not wait to try it out as I had read so many great reviews on the brand and the products.
The one thing I was a little worried about was the fact that the SuperMud is for problem skin with mattifying agents and as I have just finished medication for my skin I was worried that it might be a little too strong or severe on my face.
I was very careful when I used it, I didn't leave it on for too long and was sure to moisturise afterwards but I have to say, it didn't hurt my skin at all, in fact it left it feeling soft and smooth.
Im always a bit wary using a new product and probably wouldn't recommend over using it if you have quite dry skin but for anyone with slightly oily, problem skin then this product is a must have!
It is designed to minimise pores and leave your skin with a smooth surface and this is definitely what it does!
I also love the feeling of it when its on... I couldn't stop laughing at myself as it dried so quickly and I could hardly move but it was hilarious and would be lots of fun to do on a night in with the girls.

As for the PoutMud, I knew I would love it straight away - with my lips being really dry recently I was so looking forward to giving a new product a try as it makes a nice wee change from Carmex.
The pout mud has a kind of a peppermint taste to it and feels nice and tingly on your lips - I absolutely love it and cannot recommend it enough for keeping your lips hydrated with a nice glossy finish. It is made with a  blend of Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and is enhanced with tracts of Teaoxi Moroccan Mint Leaf which gives it the fab flavour!

Both products are available in The Loop and as usual with their products you can save at least 15% on every purchase compared to downtown.
The SuperMud Clearing Treatment is €38.25 in The Loop as opposed to €45 elsewhere and if you are travelling anytime soon then you can click and collect - here
The PoutMud is €16.90 in The Loop as opposed to €18 and you can click and collect - here.

I will be flying through Dublin Airport on Sunday and I cannot wait to raid The Loop so I will keep you posted on Snapchat and Instagram Stories so keep an eye on there for more cool products!
Snapchat - sequincinders
Instagram - thesequincinderella

Nicola x

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Roaccutane Diary Months 4 & 5

I decided to combine my month 4 & 5 diaries as the experience was very similar in both and I didn't want to be repeating myself.
For any of you that are just tuning into these diaries now, I have been documenting my experience on the medication - Roaccutane which is an acne drug.
I was prescribed 40mg a day for 6 months and decided to share my experience with my followers. The information on the internet would lead you to believe that if you take roaccutane... you die. Well maybe not so dramatic but there are hundreds and hundreds of pages online stating this side effect and that side effect... some were so bad that I put off taking them for over a year after being prescribed but I eventually got to the point where I was so fed up trying every skin treatment under the sun that I gave in. I can honestly say that for me, it was the best decision that I ever made.
As in every diary post, I have to say that I am NOT promoting medication or suggesting that this is right for you, but what I do recommend is speaking with your Doctor to see if it is a possibility.
It doesn't agree with every one and just because my experience has been so good, does not mean that yours will be but all that I can do is tell you about my own personal encounter with the medication and the effects that it had on me.

Months 4 & 5 passed relatively without any drama. Unfortunately the dry skin and lips persevered but I knew that they would... it is one of the most probable side effects and is almost a guarantee with every patient, so if you do start it then stock up on Carmex.
I can still thankfully say that I had no negative effects on my mood. I was worried as they can make you feel down or depressed but thankfully, if anything I was feeling better in myself. Seeing such an improvement in my skin really improved my moods. Whilst you could say that that sounds extremely vain, you really have to experience the insecurity of having bad skin in order to feel the relief when you finally find a cure for it. My confidence has drastically improved and I am so thankful for that.
One side effect that really bugged me, starting around the middle of month 3 was migraines/headaches. At first I  just thought it was normal as I would be quite prone to headaches anyway but as they became more regular I started to realise that it was probably connected to the tablets. I was getting them at least once a week, if not more, which is extremely debilitating but I am hoping that they will go when my 6 month course is up.
Apart from that, I really don't have anything new to report. My skin looks and feels amazing, literally the best that it has ever been. I haven't had one breakout in months and I can truthfully say that taking roaccutane was one of the best decisions that I ever made.
As the end looms, I have to say that I am a little nervous about coming off them incase it returns but most people have told me that you very rarely get a reoccurrence and I am very hopeful that this is correct.
I really wish that I had taken a proper 'before' pic to share with you guys at the end of the journey but I was so insecure in myself that I couldn't even bring myself to take one without filtering it or wearing makeup, but I will most definitely show you the end result in my last diary post so stay tuned and if you want to check out Months 1, 2 & 3 then I will link them below

Month 1 - Click Here
Month 2 - Click Here
Month 3 - Click Here

If you guys have any questions then please contact me on Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat and I would be more than happy to help! I hope the diaries have been useful for you guys and maybe help you with making the decision on whether to take roaccutane or not.

Nicola x

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Galgorm Resort & Spa

Recently my boyfriend and I spent two luxurious days at the Galgorm Resort & Spa to celebrate his birthday and it was absolute heaven from start to finish.
We stayed in one of the deluxe suites and whilst that wouldn't be something we would do every time we visit, it was definitely worth it for the few days we were there.
From the moment we opened the door of our room, we were in the lap of luxury with the spacious lounge area, cocktail bar, dining room and balcony and that was before we even got as far as the bedroom and bathroom.
I honestly cannot express how much I love this place and I would definitely recommend that you visit at some stage if you can, even if its just for a spa day with your girlies.

My top recommendations for the trip are:

Dinner in Fratellis
If you are a fan of Italian food you will be in heaven in Fratellis. The risotto is a personal fave but literally everything is to die for. The only downside is that, if you plan to go for a few drinks afterwards then it won't happen because you will be in a food coma! So get ice-cream 'to go' and collapse into bed!

Gin Tasting at the Gin Library 
This was such a lovely treat and a nice way to start your evening. It took place in the gin library and was hosted by their gin consoisseur who prepared three different drinks for us based with Hendricks gin. The first was a gin and elderflower tonic with rose petal and cucumber, the second was gin neat and the third was a gin and elderflower cocktail.

Breakfast in Gillies
We stayed in a deluxe suite which meant we had breakfast in the River Room, which is beautiful but definitely for a more refined palette. If you love nothing more than a good old ulster fry then definitely go to Gillies.

The Signature Massage
Im not really a fan of spa treatments such as facials etc but one thing I am a total sucker for is a back massage. As I am permanently stressed out, I build up a lot of tension in my shoulders so I love nothing more than chilling out with a nice massage. Highly recommend the 55min treatment.

The Thermal Village
The thermal Village is like nothing I have seen before in any other hotel. Set along the banks of the river, there is everything from glass front saunas to outdoor hot tubs and it is a wonderful place to spend your day. It also includes some fab indoor facilities such as a snow room, two large swimming pools, steam rooms etc. It is a little piece of heaven and you will never want to leave.

A Cocktail in the Orangery
Sometimes the facilities in the Thermal Village can become a little crowded so whilst you wait for the hot tub to free up or the sauna to empty, then go into the orangery, order a strawberry daiquiri and chill out in the stunning peaceful surroundings. It is so relaxing on the swing chairs that I even fell asleep.

Afternoon Tea in the Conservatory
The conservatory is one of the most beautiful places in the entire hotel and I highly recommend that you have afternoon tea or at least a coffee in here. With views of the river and its stunning decor, it is the perfect place to just totally chill out and relax.

Private Hot tub on the River
This is a pretty special experience. You can book a private hot tub which comes with a bottle of champagne and some chocolates. They are based right on the river bed and it is so magical to sit and relax for an hour with the sound of the river beside you. It is a little pricey but absolutely worth it for a special treat!
Hopefully those will give you a little insight into the resort but trust me, I could write a book on the place! It is a must see! Make sure you sign up to their website as they regularly post special offers which you can avail of for a fraction of the usual price.
The vlog above shows highlights from our entire trip including some of my outfit details (which you would swear were sponsored by Zara as my whole weekends looks were from there lol) 
I have also posted some of my looks below as so many of you were asking about them - I have searched online to try and find some links to these pieces but they obviously flew out in the sale - keep an eye out if you are in any of the stores though as they may have a few pieces left!
Let me know if you guys have any plans to visit the Galgorm or if you have any questions just message me on:
Facebook - Sequin Cinderella Boutique & Blog 
Instagram - thesequincinderella
Snapchat - sequincinders

and you can check out their website here:

Nicola x
My favourite look of the trip! Relaxing in my robe!
Dress - Zara, Heels - River Island, Earrings - Sequin Cinderella Boutique, Sunglasses - Moschino
Playsuit - Zara, Heels - River Island
Dress - Zara, Heels - River Island, Sunglasses - Moschino

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Street Style

This weekend look received a lot of questions from you guys on snapchat (sequincinders) and Instagram (thesequincinderella) and I have to say it was the comfiest outfit that I have worn in a long time. I love sports wear on other people but somehow I never feel like I can carry it off, but this dress was just so cool, comfy and still quite dressy so I had to have it! 
I am obsessed with nude colours so I definitely had to get the trainers too when I saw them! There is something about the colour that really lengthens your leg and is quite flattering for any shape. 
I absolutely loved this look and I know you guys did too so I have shared the links below!

Wearing: Adidas Dress from Topshop - buy it here
Adidas Originals from JD Sports - Shop Here 

Friday, June 16, 2017

bPerfect Cosmetics 10 Second Tan

Last week I was delighted to receive a bottle of the bPerfect Cosmetics 10 second tan as I had heard so much about it and I couldn't wait to try it for myself.
I first heard of the brand when I saw the founder, Brendan on Dragons Den and I was very impressed with his concept. I especially love that it is an Irish brand and I always love to support people who have vision and ambition like Brendan.
The first thing I did when I received the package was smell the tan and I was so pleasantly surprised. It smelled like coconut and almost reminded me of sun cream on holidays which is one of my favourite smells. It was so refreshing to smell a tan that didn't smell like stale biscuits so I was very excited to try it on the skin. After applying the tan and sleeping in it, I did notice a slight "tan" smell in the morning but nothing compared to the usual gross stench of other tans that I have used.
The tan itself goes on like a dream, particularly if you use the specialised bPerfect velvet mitt. The before and after pictures below were taken directly before application and immediately after so the initial colour was already beautiful. The pictures of myself were taken the next day after showering and the colour still looked incredible.
I have quite dry skin at the moment so throughout the day I did notice it gathering a little around the dry areas but that evening I moisturised my skin and it all completely evened out again.
I was going to write my review straight away as I was so in love with the initial application of the tan but I wanted to wait a week and judge the "wear off" before I gave an honest review.
Truthfully I didn't even notice the wear off, I showered as normal and it just gradually faded, I didn't even have to scrub at the end of the week like I usually do and my skin was ready for an entirely new application again.
There are two colours in the tan, Natural Coconut - which is the lighter one and Dark Watermelon which is a darker colour. 
For me, I love the lighter one as you can build colour if you want to be a little darker. I have seen the Dark Watermelon on other people though and its fab too!

If you would like to try the bPerfect t10 second tan for yourself you can purchase directly from their website which is or you can find a list of stockists on their to find your nearest one!
I definitely recommend it due to my own personal experience but I would be really interested to hear what you think when you give it a go.
Nicola x

Before             and              After
Before                and                After

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Summer Florals

Last night my family, my boyfriend and I went out for a meal for my Brothers early birthday celebration. As the sun was still peaking through the clouds I wanted to wear something bright and summery. I just loved this look and it was definitely something a little different. 
(All purchased recently)

Details are tagged below



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