Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Clarins Body Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster


I recently received this Clarins Body Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster thanks to The Loop at Dublin & Cork Airport. I am obsessed with fake tans and love to try out different brands so I found this one really interesting as the application process was a little different to the others that I have tried. This one is totally customisable and it works by adding several drops of the self tanner to your own moisturising cream, (I used Kiehls Creme De Corps) mixing it well then applying it to each different area of your body.
What I love about this product is that it isn't drying on your skin, you are moisturising as normal but still getting a gradual tan. My only downside to this product was that I had to experiment with the amount of drops to use for each body part - they recommend 4-6 on the box but I found that I needed to use closer to ten for areas such as my arms or legs - I tried 15 but that was definitely too much!
The tan develops very gradually and is extremely natural looking. It doesn't have a bad smell as it blends so well with your moisturiser and its all round a pretty easy to use product.
If you want to have a deep tan then I definitely would not recommend it but if you just want a soft, natural glow then it is absolutely worth trying out!
The tan is dermatologically tested, non comedogenic and suitable for all skin types so everyone can give it a go!
You can pick this product up at The Loop in Dublin or Cork airport for only €28, at least 15% cheaper than downtown prices so if you are travelling soon be sure to check it out, either in store or online with the click and collect option.
Happy Travels and Happy Shopping!
Nicola x





Monday, July 20, 2015

Kenzo Tiger


Last weekend my boyfriend surprised me with a night away at the Galgorm Resort and Spa, one of my favourite destinations for a night of relaxation. I decided that it was the perfect excuse to wear my beautiful new Kenzo "Tiger" jumper that I picked up in London the week before.
I had been on the hunt for one of these jumpers for a while but I struggled to find a colour that I absolutely loved - until I saw this beautiful coral! It is my favourite colour in the world, so bright, summery and cheerful - so my eyes lit up when I saw it in the Kenzo store.
I decided to pair the jumper with my navy tutu skirt from Topshop and nude heels for a simple, classy look with a nod to Carrie from Sex and the City.
That night, after enjoying an amazing facial at the spa and a swim in the pool, we got dressed up and had the most gorgeous dinner in Fratellis, the Italian restaurant on site at the Galgorm. If you haven't already had the chance to visit, then I highly recommend it, it not only has amazing spa facilities but several restaurants to chose from and amazing live music for a bit of nightlife too! 
What more could you ask for?
Nicola x








Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Destination Skin Care at The Loop


As a brand ambassador for The Loop at Dublin and Cork Airports, I have always been more than impressed with the wide selection of products and the amazing special offers that they have, making everything more accessible and more affordable for customers. What never fails to surprise me, however, is the personal interest that they take in each individual client passing through their stores. This has become even more apparent with their "Destination Skincare" project which focuses on encouraging travellers to look after their skin according to their own individual needs and recommending products that are suitable to each persons requirements. Be it hydration, anti-ageing, radiance or protection, they have products and advice on hand to help you pick exactly what you need for your skin. There is a fully trained skincare team in both terminals in Dublin Airport and in Cork to advise what is best for you depending on your skin and your destination. For example, if you are heading off on a sun holiday, they will recommend the best SPF and moisturiser etc. They not only want to educate you on skincare but they want to provide top quality products at a "cheaper than high street" price.
You don't even need to be instore as they have published most of their advice online for you to access before you fly so you can make use of their click & collect service, meaning you buy online and either collect your product at the airport before you set off on holidays or on your way home.
In a survey carried out by ARI - they found that surprisingly, Irish Women are most envious of French Womens complexions - they also found that Irish Women are more comfortable baring their naked bodies rather than their naked faces... 
This is a shocking statistic proving that we Irish women as a whole, are lacking in confidence in our skin, so ladies, its time to take a stand! We need to start taking care of our skin & become more comfortable in ourselves. If you are travelling through Dublin or Cork airport anytime in the near future then be sure to take advantage of their "Destination Skincare" program! Your skin will thank you for it!
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Friday, July 10, 2015

Mirage Clothing


It is quite strange to be posting such bright and cheery photos when the rain and wind are beating in at my window but there is something about this floral print dress that I received thanks to that is just brightening up my day!
I cannot help but smile when I see the beautiful summer colours and the feminine floral design of this dress and - what makes me smile even more is the super affordable price tag of just €30.
It is always really important to me to support Irish businesses so I was even more excited to wear this beauty when I learnt that Mirage Clothing are based in Cork. 
This dress is so comfortable, easy to wear regardless of body shape and comes in a variety of colours - you can check it out for yourself on or you can see the other colours here and here.
Let me know if you pick up any bargains! Happy Shopping!
Nicola x