Thursday, June 26, 2014

NKD SKN - Vita Liberata


Like most girls, I absolutely love to be tan. With my dark hair and eyes I somehow cannot carry off the "pale and interesting" look, much as I would love to be able to.
I always feel better when I have a tan and as I worry about damage from UV rays I feel that "fake" is the only way.
I have been using fake tans for years and have tried out so many different brands stemming from the "ode to an Oompa Loompa" orange glow that I embraced in my late teens to the more natural look that I have been loving in recent years.
When I was contacted by Vita Liberata to try out their new range "NKD SKN" I was super excited. 
I had heard a lot about this brand and was particularly interested when I heard that all of their tans were "paraben" free.
I tried out the tanning mousse in "medium" and I have to say I was delighted with the results.
The first thing I noticed was that there was no strong "biscuit" like odour which was an immediate  thumbs up from me as I can't stand the smell of some tanning lotions.
The mousse was soft & easy to blend and dried instantaneously so there was no hanging around with your arms in the air waiting for it to dry.
As you can see from my outfit below, I put on a white vest top within minutes of completing my tan and genuinely believed that it would have been covered in streaks but my top was totally spotless with no transferring colour.
I applied the tan on Saturday past and as of today, Thursday, I still have a healthy, even glow. I have showered as normal each day and applied my usual moisturiser. 
I don't even have those annoying white underarm circles where the deodorant usually dissolves the tan.
All in all I am delighted with this product. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 
It looks and feels great and is perfect to give you that natural Summer glow!
Buy online now on the website or check out the Vita Liberata site to find a stockist near you
Nicola x
Before and After







Thursday, June 19, 2014

Squat & Ab Challenge

Image 3

Two weeks ago I told you all on facebook and twitter that I had decided to try out the Squat and Ab challenges.
I never thought I would stick to it but as Summer is here and holidays are looming I was determined to not only tone up but to feel better about myself.
I always find it hard to get motivated by myself but the app's for iPhone really helped me along the way as you have to tick off each section as you go along. This really encouraged me to keep going and keep ticking off the days.
Although I am quite active, I haven't had a proper exercise routine since last summer and I have had the worst diet, living on takeaways or convenience food as I'm always on the go.
I noticed that I was feeling tired constantly and my stomach was always bloated and uncomfortable. I knew there was nothing medically wrong with me so I then turned to diet and exercise.
I cut wheat from my diet and decided to really cut down my carb intake as well as my new light exercise regime. I also tried to add some cardio into my everyday life by going for walks and jogs each day!
As you can see from the pics, I have already made quite a difference and it has only been two weeks since I began. I know the results are not drastic but I feel better and healthier. I no longer feel sluggish and bloated and my self confidence is on the rise!
For any of you that are trying to tone up or lose weight this summer, please take some advice from me:
Particularly if you are exercising! Muscle weighs more than fat! Take a before and after pic, measure your waist, hips, thighs etc, but most importantly, don't put your body through hell.
Its tough to make changes but do not make yourself miserable in the process, body image is about how you feel inside, not how society should make you feel so do what is right for you.
If you are like me and want to start a new exercise program but you are starting from scratch, then I would strongly recommend both the Ab & Squat challenges. They start really easy and allow you to build up your workout!
Its working for me so its worth trying out for yourself!
Nicola x
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Image 5

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Miss Derry & Miss Tyrone Final


As you saw in my post from the launch party, (seen here), I was honored to have been asked to judge the Miss Derry/Miss Tyrone competition alongside some of the top local names in fashion:

Ashleigh Coyle - Miss Derry 2013, Organiser of the event an current star of channel 5 TV show - Big Brother.
Racheal O'Connor - Finalist on the Voice UK and team Kylie Minogue
Lynsey McGarrigle - Previous Miss Tyrone & Fashion Designer with her own brand MoHawk.
Charlotte Rose Coyle - MUA and Model in plus size model in NYC.
Joe Carlin - Events Organiser, Presenter & Fashionman.
Richard & Graham lynch - Style Moguls for the evening.

The competition was incredibly tough with some absolutely beautiful contestants in the final. Not only were they all very pretty but they had amazing personalities to match. There were 40 contestants in total  and we had to first choose a top 24 then a top 12 and finally our top six.

We ended up with two incredible winners - beautiful girls with amazing personalities that shone from the very beginning:
Miss Derry 2014 - Dearbhla Walsh
Miss Tyrone 2014 - Aisling Dougan Cleary 

We also had some very beautiful runners up on the night:
1st Runner up Miss Derry - Claire Graham
2nd Runner up Miss Derry - Dearbhla Macfarland
1st Runner up Miss Tyrone - Shannen Breen
2nd Runner up Miss Tyrone - Roisin McDevitt
Miss Congeniality - Devany Wallace

It was such an amazing night and I was delighted to have been asked to be a part of it. I would like to wish all of our girls the best of luck in the future, particularly our two winners who are beginning an incredible journey - and to those who didn't make it this year, don't give up! You are all amazing girls and I can speak for all of the judges when I say it was one of he hardest decisions we have ever had to make! You are all winners in our eyes!
Finally - to Miss Ashleigh Coyle, organiser of the event, I would like to say a huge thank you for getting me involved and an even bigger GOOD LUCK for her journey in Big Brother 2014 - the whole of Northern Ireland are behind you!
Nicola x
The Miss Derry team 2014 x
Myself with our stunning winners - Dearbhla Walsh (Miss Derry 2014) & Aisling Dougan Cleary (Miss Tyrone 2014)
Miss Derry 12
Our host for the evening - Joe Carlin aka Fashionman (Photo - Inspired Photography)
Miss Derry 3
1st runner up - Miss Tyrone - Shannen Breen with judge Lynsey McGarrigle (Photo - Inspired Photography)
Miss Derry 4
Claire Graham - 1st Runner up with Judge Charlotte Rose Coyle (Photo - Inspired Photography)
Miss Derry 2
Myself presenting Roisin McDevitt with 2nd runner up - Miss Tyrone prize (Photo - Inspired Photography)
2nd Runner up Miss Derry - Dearbhla MacFarland

Miss Derry 1
Winner of "Miss Congeniality" - Devany Wallace with Ashleigh Coyle (Photo - Inspired Photography)
Miss Derry 5
Aisling Dougan Cleary - Miss Tyrone 2014 with Ashleigh Coyle - Miss Derry 2013 (Photo - Inspired Photography)
Miss Derry 6
Miss Derry 2014 - Dearbhla Walsh with previous winner Ashleigh Coyle (Photo - Inspired Photography)
Miss Derry 7
Group photo - (Photo - Inspired Photography)

Miss Derry 9
Winner of Miss Derry 2014 ( Photo - Inspired Photography)
Miss Derry 10
The winners celebrating with Miss Ashleigh Coyle (Miss Derry 2013 & Big Brother 2014 star)
(Photo - Inspired Photography)
Myself with the newly crowned Miss Derry - Dearbhla Walsh
Myself & Miss Tyrone - Aisling Dougan Cleary
Miss Derry 11
Group Hug (Photo - Inspired Photography)
Miss Derry 13
The men of the moment! Joe Carlin (Host), Richard & Graham Lynch (Judges of Most Stylish) & Mr. Derry - Michael Deery  (Photo - Inspired Photography)
(Photo's - Inspired Photography)
Image 4
(Photo's - Inspired Photography)
Image 2
(Photo's - Inspired Photography)
Image 3
(Photo's - Inspired Photography)
Image 5
(Photo's - Inspired Photography)


I Was Wearing:


Professional Photos thanks to Inspired Photography

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunrise Sunset


The month of June brings thoughts of Summer holidays, sunbathing & sun tans and I cannot help but reminisce on fun times in Marbella last year.
I found this set of pictures that I hadn't shared with you from my holiday in 2013, wearing one of my favourite outfits and it made me very excited to think of making plans for the coming summer months.
The midi-skirt was a huge trend last summer and is still making waves on catwalks and in stores this season. This one from Topshop was and still is one of my favourites. The quirky take on leopard print and the combination of pink and red really caught my attention and is very flattering against a summer glow. I added a simple crop top and some subtle gold accessories to complete the look.
Some of you might remember that I featured this skirt back in January showing how it can be worn as a winter look… take a look HERE to see how I styled it in a very different way to this one.
Have you made any exciting holiday plans yet? Let me know.
Nicola x