Saturday, April 26, 2014

Office Shoes have arrived in Foyleside


Yesterday I spent a wonderful afternoon visiting the new "Office"shoe store in Foyleside Shopping Centre, Derry/Londonderry. 
I was greeted by the fabulous Caroline and her team and given an initial tour of the shop, getting introduced to the stunning lines available for Spring/Summer.
I then had the chance to try on nearly half of the shop to see how the footwear looked in action.
I have to say, I fell in love with almost every pair that I looked at never mind tried on.
The vast range of styles available in the store, means that there is something to suit everyone, from Sportswear to Skyscraper heels and everything in between! There are even styles to suit the men in your life, or if you have a little"mini-me" you can get them little tiny versions of the funky footwear in store.
The versatility of the shop went far and beyond the numerous brands that they stock, which include Vans, Doc Martens, Uggs, Nike, Ralph Lauren, Ted Baker - to name but a few, but the vast range of Office own brand shoes was incredible.
I was overwhelmed by the variety ranging from 30's style, through to the "fiesta" look with bright colours and stunning embellishments and finally the "relaxed utility" style which was a little more casual.
The kind marketing team allowed me to chose three pairs of shoes to take home and I have to say it was a very difficult task, so difficult in fact that I ended up taking home six pairs in total!
This Summer sees a rise in some trends that I was addicted to when I was a child and they have now come full circle and are very fashionable again. For example, Nike "Air Max" trainers and Jelly sandals. They are the perfect way to enjoy the summer weather in style and comfort.
I also chose a pair of 30's influenced loafers which are so quirky and have a real vintage feel to them. Finally, I decided on a pair of deep orange wedges and royal blue skyscraper heels!
I am in love with every pair and I cannot thank Hannah, Caroline and the team enough for such a wonderful day! If you are in the area, be sure to check out this fab new store, or if there isn't an Office near you, have a look online ( You won't be disappointed!
Nicola x
My Shoe Choices :)
Blue Heels - "Right on Time" - £65


Chunky Heels - "Justified" - £58


Loafers - "Extravaganza" - £65


Nike Black/White Roshe £69.99

Orange Nike - Free TR fit 4 - £79.99
Nike Internationals - Mango - £66.99

JuJu heeled Jelly sandals - Babehi £25


Snake & Silver sandals - Hex £35

The Wall of Men's Shoes 


Myself and Caroline Barr, Manager of the store.
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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hola Valencia


Last weekend, my family and I went on a short vacation to the beautiful city of Valencia in Spain.
The weather was amazing and the city itself was like a piece of art work with stunning architecture on every corner.
I had absolutely no idea what kind of clothes to pack as it was a city break as opposed to a beach holiday and obviously the weather was going to be a lot warmer than what we had been used to in Ireland. I decided to play it safe, wearing a maxi dress to travel in and to explore the city on our first day.
This one from Boudoir Boutique in Derry/Londonderry was the perfect choice as it was loose and flowing… comfortable yet cool.
As I knew there would be a lot of walking involved in this trip, I decided to keep the footwear very simple with gold Haviana flip-flops, as much as I love my high heels, I didn't feel that they were appropriate for 4 days of walking around a big city.
We made the most of our first day by taking the open top bus tour and visiting the Bioparc, a stunning zoo in which I made a few new furry friends :)
Have any of you ever been to Valencia? What did you think?
Nicola x


















Monday, April 14, 2014

Life will be OK

No Make Up Selfie

I think its safe to say that 2014 hasn't had the greatest of starts for me. In fact, I wouldn't hesitate to say it has been one of the worst year beginnings of my life…
Most of you who read my blog regularly will have noticed that it has been quiet and I thought it was about time to give you the reason why…  Not only as an explanation but as a message of strength for all of you and proof that life does get better, no matter how low you fall.
A few days after Christmas, I went through the break up of a long term relationship. I was totally consumed by heartbreak and the time of year certainly didn't help matters. I was lonely, sad and scared of the future! I sank so low in fact, that I remember saying to my Mum "I've really hit rock bottom"…
I genuinely believed that I had and no amount of logical thinking would make me feel better or make things ok! For anyone that has experienced a heartbreak, I am sure you can relate to this awful desolate feeling… No matter how much you are told that it will be ok, you cannot rationalise that in your head… It was a horrendous few weeks but thankfully I remained strong and life started to have a whole new meaning and outlook. Things were looking better and I started to realise that break ups happen for a reason, even if you can't see it at the time.
Just as I started to smile again, unfortunately things took a turn for the worse and I was about to experience a loss that made my initial heartbreak seem slightly insignificant.
I lost my beloved grandmother on the 7th of February. Along with my Mother and my Brother she was one of the most important people in my life, my style icon, my role model and a humongous piece of my heart. I looked after her and cherished every moment I had with her for as long as I can remember! I never made plans without considering her first, she was a large part of my world and I had to watch her slip away before my very eyes whilst I held her hand, willing her to stay.
It soon occurred to me that there were so many million miles below the "rock bottom" that I believed I had felt less than a month beforehand. I felt like my world was crashing down around me and there was nothing I could do about it. For the first time in my life I felt totally out of control and I couldn't deal with it. Yes the break up was horrendous but we both still had our whole lives ahead of us… it didn't work out together but we had our health and our memories, whereas a death was completely new territory for me, the finality of it all was so horrific and I was left with an emptiness that I don't believe will ever be filled but life had to go on and so did I.
If you had have asked me 6 months ago would my life be continuing without her, my answer would have been NO.
If you had asked would I be able to get out of bed and dress myself and go about my day to day business, I would have said NO.
But here I am and life is ok!
I hurt every single day and there isn't an hour that passes that I don't wish she was with me but I had to realise that I couldn't just stop going because she had! The world keeps turning and though I had no conception of how this could be true, the harsh reality is that that's life!
As her coffin was lowered into the grave, I collapsed to the ground… I felt like my life was going down with her and at that point I only had two choices… sink or swim…
I could keep falling, not just physically but mentally… Or I could stand up, be strong and make my Grandmother proud! Hard though it was, I chose the latter.

Basically my reason for writing this post is to reach out to any of you that have ever experienced what I have! Maybe you are going through it right now or maybe you are still dealing with the pain… But I just wanted to tell you that life will be ok! You will smile again and you will feel happiness! It is damned hard and a part of you will never lose the hurt but you will gain a strength that you never had and life will go on!
Never ever feel like you are alone… Without the help of my family and friends I would have been lost… But I had to let them in and allow them to help. Had I turned against their outreach, I may not have gained the strength that I have, so please, if someone is there to help you… let them!

I chose to use my "no make up selfie" picture for this post as to me, this was such an amazing campaign of strength for women everywhere! We embraced our insecurities and shared them with the world! Trust me, as someone who had never even let their closest friends see them without makeup, It wasn't an easy task but it was such an incredible display of sisterhood and solidarity that it gave me a serious amount of confidence. Women were working together, drawing on inner strength and fighting for a cause and this was so empowering for myself and for many others. We were stripped bare and vulnerable and to me this summed up exactly how I had been feeling.

This is me… No mask…
I am human and I feel pain…
But my message to you is that that is ok!
Its ok to hurt, its ok to feel, its ok to grieve…
but it is also ok to feel good when you feel good… 
Feelings are neither right nor wrong, they just are!
Be yourself, be proud and be strong. Remember always that you are not alone and that life will always be worth living, even if sometimes you find it hard to see the sun behind the clouds!

Love to you all and thank you for your patience, your support and your strength, I hope to inspire at least one of you to believe that life is worthwhile!
Nicola x

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Coachella Style 2014

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 20.28.31
Kylie & Kendall Jenner with BFF Selena Gomez
How many of you wish you were at top music festival "Coachella" right now?
Sunshine, Great music and amazing fashion, what more could a girl ask for?
I have been keeping an eye on the celebrity style from this years festival and gathered together a few of my favourites for you to have a look at! 
In my opinion, Chanel Iman got it just right with her quirky "boho-chic" style, everything from her headband to her patterned boots were just perfect for the occasion!
Although Selena Gomez's outfit took a lot of stick in the press I have to admit it has kind of been my guilty pleasure from this years Coachella! I do agree that she took almost every aspect of "festival attire" and threw it all together but for me, it somehow works! Also, by your friends shall you be judged and she has a pretty cool possé by her side in the form of fashion powerhouse sisters, Khloe and Kendall Jenner!
As well as a few other funky celebs, I have also picked out some of my own looks to help inspire your festival wardrobe - Just bare in mind that my outfits were for "Radio 1's Big Weekend" which took place on a rather rainy weekend in Ireland… quite the difference to sunny Coachella but hey, such is life!
One can dream!
Nicola x 
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 20.24.19
Chanel Iman
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 20.26.19
Sienna Miller and Poppy Delevingne 
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 20.26.06
Jamie Chung
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 20.25.55
Poppy Delevingne
Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 20.25.44
Rumi Neely


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