Monday, June 10, 2013

Almost Royal Ascot Time

Galway 9

One of the most important dates in any Fashionista’s calendar is a day at the races. It is an opportunity for Ladies and Gents alike to don their most dapper attire and wear clothes which they would otherwise never get the chance.
Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious racing events and anyone who attends has the pleasure of moving in the most stylish circles, mingling with the Royal elite, sipping champagne and of course watching a little bit of horse racing.
The guidelines for dressing for such an event are quite strict and set in their ways. Class and elegance is the way forward with knee length hemlines and high set necklines being the appropriate attire. Of course no outfit for a day at the races would be complete without the perfect headwear. Be it an oversized hat or a delicate fascinator, one must always have their outfit crowned with a beautiful headpiece.
Whilst the men attend the racing in their finest suits, the ladies have a little more scope when it comes to colour and cut. Provided they adhere to the dress code guidelines when it comes to their clothing, ladies can let their imaginations run wild with their hats. To date we have seen everything from oversized ice-cream cones to lifelike black swans perching on the heads of the racing attendees.
One of my favourite Milliners of the moment is Irish designer, Jennifer Wrynne. She has only been on the scene a short while and is already making her mark at racing days across the globe. Her summer collection is an eclectic mix of vibrant colours and classic shapes and would be ideal to accompany any lady to the Royal Ascot festival, there is something to suit any taste.
I have been lucky enough to attend ladies day at the Galway Races a few years back. I have never being one to follow the rules and always love to stand out from the crowd so I opted for a strapless corset and feather gown by Northern Irish Designer Una Rodden and matched it with a large cream and silver hat by Micheal Gerrard. At the time I went for opulence as opposed to understated and it did not fail to get me noticed on the fashion scene. However, if I were to attend the Royal Ascot festival or indeed any racing festival this year, I would love to try my hand at something within the guidelines. Perhaps a knee length vintage beaded gown or a one off creation from a local designer. This time I would save my extravagance for my headwear, something vibrant, oversized and wonderfully eyecatching would suit the bill perfectly, however it is very important to get the balance right, there is a risk of overdoing it slightly. You don’t want to end up on a list like this, of the worst hats of the festival now do you?
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Jennifer Wrynne Designs - Summer Collection
Jennifer Wrynne Design - Summer Collection
Jennifer Wrynne Design - Summer Collection 

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