Thursday, January 5, 2012

Versace for H&M

I have always loved H&M designer collaborations, My Favourites to date being Jimmy Choo and Lanvin. However, when I heard that one of my all time favourite Fashion Labels, Versace, were to be the latest, I just couldnt contain my excitement. Due to work commitments, I could not get to a H&M store on the day of release, so from first thing in the morning I was wide awake and on my computer.
It was a very frustrating morning as the website was so over crowded by people that it kept crashing. Then just as I got online and picked everything I wanted I realised that you were only allowed one item per transaction. Totally disappointed!
Trying to decide on one item to settle for was impossible. So my Mum and I came up with the brainwave of using several computers, constantly refreshing the page trying to get online over and over again. Every time one of us got onto the website, it was as if we had won the lottery, we were so excited!
In the end after a long and tedious morning and a rather worn out "refresh" button, I had managed to purchase all the items I desired. Well... Almost.
I could not get the beautiful Leather studded jacket which I wanted more than anything. It was totally sold out.
Thankfully the story does not end there... Christmas morning came and so did Santa Claus in the form of my amazing mother who after all my presents had been opened, presented me with one very special extra parcel. My Leather Jacket! Perfect! My collection was complete!
Here for you are some pictures of the items I chose, Let me know what you think and if you managed to get your hands on any of these amazing items.
Also keep an eye out for the Versace for H&M cruise collection coming on the 19th of January.
Computers at the ready, its going to be another LONG morning!

Versace for H&M

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