Saturday, December 31, 2011

Holiday Celebration

It's my favourite time of year! Christmas, New Year, Time off, Spending time with Family and Friends. What more could a girl ask for? There is only one thing that makes this time of year that slight bit more special. The outfit opportunities!
On Thursday night past, My family and I went out for dinner to an amazing little restaurant called the Railway Tavern and Firebox Grill which is situated in the tiny Village of Fahan just outside my hometown. If you are a steak lover like myself, this is the place to be!
For the evening I decided to go for a very festive colour scheme of Black and Gold and of course a little bit of Leopard Print which is my favourite pattern! That night was also my first attempt at using my new heated rollers by Babyliss Pro to curl my hair. I am usually a disaster when it comes to styling my own hair but these made it very easy and I loved the results!
Here are a couple of photos of myself lazing around before leaving for dinner. Let me know what you think of my choice!
Happy Holidays Everyone!
Nicola x

★ Faux Fur Gilet by Versace for H&M 
★ Gold Sequin top by John Zack 
★ River Island Trousers 
★ Leopard Print Shoes from River Island 
★ Hermes "H" belt 
★ Louis Vuitton "Surya" Handbag 
★ Gold Guess Watch 
★ Guess Bangle 
Juicy Couture Heart Bracelet 

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Day at the Races

In 2010 my Family and I took an amazing trip to Galway, Ireland for the Race Week. If I am honest I had very little interest in the horse racing and betting side of things. I was there for the Fashion, plain and simple. The picture above is a snapshot of my outfit from Ladies Day. Both my hat and my dress were made especially for me by two local designers, Michael Gerrard Millinery and Una Rodden designs. We had a luxurious stay in the G hotel Galway which offered stunning surroundings and a buzzing nightlife. They even had their own "Best Hat" and "Best Dressed Lady" competition at night in the hotel. My hat, pictured above was a finalist in the "Best Hat" competition and the following evening, wearing my pink evening dress by Versace (pictured below) I was a finalist in the "Best Dressed Lady" Comp. This was a truly enjoyable trip, and if you thought that race week was a time to don the wellies and cheer on some horses, you were very much mistaken. So have the Hats and Heels on stand by for 2012! Let me know what you think of my outfit selection for the weekend and our fabulous suite in the Hotel!
Nicola x

Dress by Una Rodden
Michael Gerrard Millinery Hat
Jimmy Choo Sandals
Louis Vuitton Limelight Clutch in "Perle"

Rouched Shoulder Topshop Dress
Beige Snakeprint platforms from Topshop
Louis Vuitton "Olympe Nimbus" handbag
Guess watch
Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet

Versace Pink Floral Dress
Jimmy Choo Sandals
Louis Vuitton Multicolour Pochette Handbag
Gucci Swivel Watch

Location: G Hotel, Galway

Holiday in Lanzarote

In the Summer of 2011 I went to Lanzarote with my Boyfriend for a fortnight. I absolutely loved it. The weather, the food, the apartment, the beach... everything was just perfect. I am a total sun worshipper and much to my boyfriends dismay, spent most of each afternoon soaking up the rays. For the first few nights we explored all the local hotspots and restaraunts but we soon found a few favourites. We became regulars at a beautiful steak house directly opposite our apartment block where the staff treated us like royalty and were even upset as we were leaving to come home. Each night we got complimentary champagne on arrival, and a jug of Strawberry Daiquiri after dinner. We also found the tiniest little pub which you can see me pictured outside in two of the photos, where we perched ourselves each Saturday evening to watch the beginning of the X factor!
As usual with most trips I take, my luggage was extremely overpacked! I'm well used to having a big red "Heavy" sticker attached to my case. I just cannot discipline myself to pack lightly, so I take every part of my wardrobe that can fit into my carry-on, holdall and suitcase. A favourite outfit from this holiday was my leopard print tie dress by "Laundry Room" pictured above. During the day I wore a rainbow of different bikinis from every High Street store I could find!
As I write this, huddled by the fire on a cold December evening I would give anything to be back there soaking up the 35 degree sunshine. Have you ever been to Lanzarote? Did you enjoy as much as I did?

Leopard Dress by Laundry Room
Tiffany Bracelet

Guess watch
Earrings from Cherries, Dublin

Flapper girl dress from H&M
Tiffany Bracelet
Guess Watch

 View from our Apartment

Rancho Texas, Lanzarote
Crop Top and Shorts from Topshop
Juicy Couture Canvas Tote Bag

Cafe La Ola, Lanzarote

Paris with Louis Vuitton

The Mother Ship

A couple of years ago my Mother and I were delighted to travel to Paris with Louis Vuitton, thanks to Avril, Caroline and the wonderful team at their Brown Thomas store in Dublin. Needless to say it was a dream come true for any Louis enthusiast. We were picked up at Charles de Gaulle airport and chauffeur driven to the Ritz Hotel. We had a beautiful dinner that evening with a great group of people discussing, what else but handbags!
Next morning we were taken to the Louis Vuitton house at Asnieres. We got a guided tour of the museum and the workshop were dedicated workers lovingly handstitched each individual bag.
We were then taken to the spectacular Champs Elysees store where we shopped 'til we dropped.
I must have been a little camera shy on this trip for a change so most of the pics will show you the Ritz Hotel, The Louis Vuitton House and Paris' amazing scenery. However, check out the pic of me trying on a beautiful dress by Louis Vuitton with an even more beautiful price tag of £13,000. Hmmmm I'll take two!

The Louis Vuitton Gardens at Asnieres
The Louis Vuitton House at Asnieres
A BMW motorbike Customised by Louis Vuitton
Vanity Case designed by Sharon Stone for LV
The £13,000 dress
Watch is by Gucci
Thomas Sabo charm bracelet.
Gardens at the Ritz
Swimming Pool at the Ritz

Our Beautiful Bedroom

My 21st Birthday

As my dreaded 25th Birthday is drawing nearer and nearer I thought I would share with you some pictures from my 21st Birthday Party. As this birthday was quite a milestone, I decided to have two celebrations. The first was a huge gathering of family and friends from all over the world. This Party, as you can see had an Animal print theme. Everything from my Dress (by Faust) to my cake, even down to the balloons and napkins had animal print designs. It was a brilliant evening of dancing and celebrating with some of my favourite people.
The second of my Parties was an intimate family dinner at DaVinci's hotel, Derry/Londonderry, at which I received some amazing presents. An Hermes necklace from my Aunt and Uncle and most amazingly of all, from my wonderful Mother, a convertible Volkswagen Beetle. My Dream Car.
Let me know what you think of my chosen outfits and feel free to share your own birthday stories!
Nicola x


Location: The Sugar Room @ McCallions, Buncrana


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This is Me

And so my blogging days begin! After a lifetime of Fashion loving, or should I say, Fashion obsessing, I have finally decided to share my adoration of everything couture with you all.
The Sequin Cinderella will take you on a journey through my world. Every day for me is like "Going to the ball" and I treat each outfit like a wondrous Princess gown awaiting debut. As a Drama Teacher and a self confessed Drama Queen I am never afraid to stand out from the crowd. Each day is an opportunity to have your starring role on the catwalk of life. So join me on the journey that is "The Sequin Cinderella"... Just dont forget to be home by Midnight!